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FGNA in Maps from the Past

Rochelle Gridley's love for history and maps led her to create a history project for FGNA. These maps show the development of the neighborhood via plat maps that have been preserved from 1874, 1895 & 1914.

She also consulted the city directories closest in time to the plats and has included the names of the occupants of the homes and their professions or occupations. Rochelle invites anyone who is interested to give her information about past residents. She will add information that fits into these time frames -- or even later. Rochelle plans to continue this work until she has accounted for every (original) house in the neighborhood.

If you live in a house built after 1914, you can look forward to future installments or provide Rochells with information about your house if you wish!!! Click here to see Rochelle's work.

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